Hey I’m Andy, a Maker, Modelmaker, 5 axis CNC Machinist with over 25 years experience making cool things that sometimes work. Loves 3d printing and programming Arduino with remote sensors and blinky lights. Anything worth doing is worth over making, because we can and should 🙂

I’ve always had a fascination with machinery and technology.  My room was always scattered with disassembled toys as a kid.  I had bins and bins of mechanical parts in my room that was used for my creations.  A new toy would barely last a day without being disassembled and modified in some way. It’s what I do.  It’s the creative drive in us that leads to tomorrows discoveries.  If it’s not broke, then you’re not pushing the technology hard enough. Inventions are born from the assembled broken pieces of previously failed experiments.  Ask questions, take things apart, and don’t be afraid to have left over parts that you have no clue where they go at the end. Dare to dream and never be afraid to say the words ” well…that didn’t work but the flames were cool!”


Andy Maker 3d printing

Subscribe to the channel and take a journey into the creatively unknown. Toys in my workshop:

Creality CR-10S 3d Printer

Dremel IdeaBuilder 3d Printer

2006 Haas SL-10 Big Bore lathe

ProtoTrak DP3 mill

Nardini Lathe

Drill Press


3 Ton Press

assorted shop equipment.

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