Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic Cookie Cutter.

Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic cookie cutter
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Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic cookie cutter is here!

When life gives you a pandemic, make cookies!

Now you can turn any quarantine into family fun with your own Coronavirus Covid-19 Pandemic cookie cutter!  Making apocalyptic cookies has never been so much fun! Print yours out today!

Let’s face it, the world isn’t the same as it use to be. Unemployment is in the millions, businesses are closed, schools are canceled and most of the world population is in lock down. These are stressful time to say the least. We are creatures of habit and when our routine gets drastically changed as it is now, we get nervous and scared. We seek out a balance in our life and a way back to normal. And perhaps there’s no other comforting activity than baking homemade cookies with the family around the kitchen. Family bonding and good times are the best things to take your mind off of the impending apocalyptic doom.

Kill me today Coronavirus?? I don’t think so. I’m making cookies!

Arm yourself with the right tools of survival during these quarantine times. You have to eat right? So why not eat the most comforting of foods.. cookies! But not just any cookies. This unique cookie cutter that you print out allows you to give the big finger to this Coronavirus pandemic. The expertly crafted biohazard design allows you to symbolically devour the Coronavirus and proclaim your viral resistance.

A virus like this is new to the world but the power of freshly baked cookies has been established before man learned to walk upright.. (it’s true, I read it on the internet.) So print out your cutter and make your delicious cookies tonight and tomorrow stand proud in the face of the Coronavirus in your living room because you are under quarantine and can’t go outside.

The power of fresh baked cookies is from a time of our parents, parents. It is time now, during this apocalyptic doom, that we rediscover the invincibility of a plate of Covid-19 Coronavirus cookies!

** Please note: This cookie cutter or cookies made with this cutter does not imply viral resistance and will not protect you from the most horrific death that the Coronavirus brings. It’s just a cookie cutter. Forget this crazy world and get back to spending time with your loving family and give thanks for all.

Print Your Own Pandemic Cookie Cutter Now!

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