My Home DIY Maker Workshop Tour YouTube Video

My home workshop tour is my first talking video on my YouTube channel! As in all of my previous shop tour videos, I never spoke. Until now. And it was a lot harder to do than I thought.

My Mind Went Blank

Once the red light started flashing, my mind went blank. They say the hardest part on creating your YouTube channel is the first video and wow are they right. But to have a YouTube channel, you need videos and you have to start somewhere. So choose something that’s easy and natural for you. I chose to do my home workshop tour. It’s something I absolutely love and is my happy place.

Send it!

Don’t expect to win a Oscar with your first video. I definitely will not. But that’s not what’s important. What IS important is that you START. Your first video will probably be a cringe-worthy experience and bring out a few laughs and that’s awesome. Once you hit submit and it goes up on your channel, you did it! You took your first step into building your channel and brand that is you. The hardest part is over. You’re a seasoned pro, a combat veteran now…well no not really but it sure felt like it the first time.

Focus On What You Love 🙂

Now that you have your first video under your belt you can focus back on what it is you actually do and are passionate about. You will constantly be developing and honing you skill with each video you make. You will learn what works and presents well and what doesn’t. Your channel is a eternal work in progress forever developing with you, as it should be.

So go on and hit record. Edit up the video the best you can with your current skills and upload it! As you channel grows and your skills improve, you will look back at your first video and ask yourself why where you afraid to start and wish you started sooner!

Stay creative my friends.


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