Ghost Hunting EVP Equipment

ghost hunting evp

Ghost Hunting EVP

This is my current ghost hunting EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena). The left is a RadioShack 12-587 Digital Pocket Radio that has been hacked to continuously scan. The middle is an Olympus VN-3200pc recorder and the right is an P-SB7 ITC Research Sweep Radio. Some EVP investigators hook a small portable speaker to the radio units to aid in the clarity of the response. I have not tried this but I could see how it would be helpful. I’ve found the speaker on the P-SB7 to be on the low side.

The thought behind EVP is that the spirits from the beyond use the static energy between switching radio stations to communicate. I scan on both AM and FM modes. Others have recorded some interesting results while I have not recorded anything significant as of yet. But I keep listening to whoever wants to speak.

The study of EVP has an interesting background which can be read on Wikipedia here

Many paranormal investigators have had interesting and clear results that seem to be intelligent in direct response to the questions.

While some of the results have been audible in real time through the speaker on the unit, the majority of the responses are heard only afterwards while reviewing the digital sound recordings. This would suggest that some of the spirit communication is on a frequency out of our hearing range but within the range of the ghost hunting evp digital equipment.

Before you start a EVP session, it’s important to clear your mind and focus on your intention of the session. It’s recommended to say a personal protection prayer of your choice before starting. And finally, understand not everyone is your friend, there is good energy and bad energy. Understanding which you are talking to will help protect and guide you on your path. Have fun, be safe.

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