3d Printed T-Rex Head

The sample 3d printed T-Rex head that comes with the Dremel Idea Builder is definite must print. This little bad boy gives instant coolness points to whatever you attach it to.

It’s a quick print with great detail. Here you see it in orange Dremel PLA. This one is about 1.5″ in side but you could enlarge it to the full build volume of the machine which would make one bad ass 3d printed T-Rex head. Printing was easy. I did not need any supports printing in the rough mode. I use the 2″ wide blue painters tape from Home Depot for adhesion.

Why mount a deer head on your wall when you can print up a few of these and mount them to a plaque? It would be the ultimate collection in any man cave. Anyone can hunt a dear but it’s a true hunter can go after a T-Rex and not get eaten. The stories would be legendary and as detailed as you want. Paint the 3d printed T-Rex head for more realism and you would have a collection the most prized hunter would envy.

The awesome 3d Printed T-Rex

The Tyrannosaurus rex was one of the largest land carnivores of all time. The largest measuring around 42 ft long and 12 ft high at the hips. T-Rex lived in western North America and Jersey. With a running speed of 25mph – 45mph they were swift for their size easily running down the large pray. The largest T-Rex skull found so far is around 5ft long with an estimated jaw opening angle of 80 deg and exerting of 12,000lb of force when chewing. While your printer may not be big enough for a 5ft long skull, you could break the skull up to more manageable printed sections.

The classic T-Rex skull is a favorite of both young and old making it a worth while print to add to any collection. Rooooaaaarrr!

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3d printed t-rex

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