How To DIY 3D Printed Giza Great Pyramid Connector Kit

3d printing great pyramid connector kit
3d printing great pyramid connector kit
3d printing great pyramid connector kit

A 3d printed pyramid kit has been on my to-make list for a long time. I’ve always been interested in pyramids and always wanted one of my own. Over the years I’ve had various kits as a kid but now am looking for something a little bigger. I 3d modeled up a connector kit based on the Giza Great Pyramid of 51.85 degrees.

I’m printing this on my Creality 10S printer using PLA material. I really need to take the time and better calibrate my printer settings to improve the print quality but it gets the job done for now.

This 3d printed Giza Great Pyramid connector kit is sized for 1″ copper pipe. It’s can be made to fit any pipe size by just scaling the design up or down. A 2″ PVC pipe version would be awesome to have in my backyard.

Future plans are to use use the design and 3d print a pattern to be used for sand casting. The original idea is to make these connectors in copper, so the whole pyramid can be soldered together as a single piece and then hook it up to my signal generator and pump out Schumann frequencies and see who shows up..? And for added giggles I will place my crystal collection in the pyramids focus center ( about 1/3 from top) and see if anything can be measured or felt electronically or physically.

Either way this is a really cool project that is fun to make and will look awesome in the backyard. At the very least it will be a conversation piece among your neighbors. Enjoy.

Project Specs:

  • Printer – Creality 10s
  • Material – Hatchbox PLA black
  • Cad program – Bobcad v31
  • STL editing program – 123D Design
  • Slicing program – Ulitmaker Cura

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More information about the Great Giza Pyramid can be found here.


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