3d Printing Makerspace Laboratory Update

3d printing makerspace laboratory andymaker

3d printing makerspace laboratory in progress. Here are some quick shots of where the madness happens. Slowly looking like a shop and getting everything in it’s place. Plus the addition of the 3 HP 27″ monitors adds mega geek points to the overall situation. (pushes black rimmed glasses up with lisping snort)

3d printing makerspace laboratory andymaker

The 3d printing station includes a Dremel Idea Builder printer and Creality 10S. The Dremel was my first printer and is a real workhorse. The Creality has a large 12″ x 12″ x 18″ heated bed build volume which is perfect for those large tall builds. I highly recommend using a battery backup with this printer as I have almost lost a 50+ hr build when the power flashed.

3d printing makerspace laboratory andymaker

For quick metal parts, I have my trusty Smithy All In One mill/lathe that I had since ’95. It’s perfect for quick jobs with limited working space and can easily be moved by two people.

3d printing makerspace laboratory andymaker

Ever 3d printing makerspace laboratory needs a small paint/sanding booth. I found this one on Craigslist and it’s small size fits perfect on the Harbor Freight workbench. I vented it outside with 4″ flexible dryer vent hose.

HP 27" monitors

And then there’s the Geek Mission Command Center. That beautiful sight right there is any geek/maker/3d modelers wishlist. 3 HP 27″ 1080 displays acting as 4 independent displays when connected to my Macbook Pro. That’s a whole lot of creativity going on there at one time.

As with any workshop or makerspace, it’s a constant work in progress depending on the projects on the table. I’m fortunate enough to have the space and toys to play with that lets me build my creations. And stay tuned to see what they are!

The HP monitors are from Staples on sale for $138 each.

See some Andy Maker videos on my YouTube channel.

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