3d Printed Moai Head

PLA 3d printed Moai Head

Explore the mystery of the Moai statues with your very own PLA 3d printed statue!

Of course everyone needs a Moai statue of their own. I printed this Moai that I found on https://www.thingiverse.com/ with my Dremel Idea Builder printer in purple PLA on the rough setting to save time.

It printed decent with some surface blobs that can be removed with some parameter tweaking. This was one of my first prints with the printer and I’ve since made a few for friends. It’s a nice piece to have on a shelf in the office and looks amazing in the classic darker colors. A unique option would be to print this in glow in the dark material to add to the mystery nature. It’s definitely on the list!

The print I made is about 5″ tall. It took a few hours using the rough print setting without any supports. I will be printing a larger head on my Creality CR-10s printer. With a build volume of 11.8″ x 11.8″ x 15.75″ , that printer is significantly larger. I can imagine printing a few large versions of these out and placing them in the garden. It would be more interesting than your typical garden gnome decorations, especially in the glow in the dark material.

The PLA 3d Printed Moai heads of Easter Island

The Moai heads were carved by the Rapa Nui people on Easter Island around the years 1250 – 1500. The tallest statue is almost 33 ft tall and weighs 90 tons. It’s believed that they were heads only until recently. But recent excavations have unearthed full torsos and other bodily features. They truly are an amazing site to see and can now be experienced and brought to life in your own home with 3D printing technology. You can’t go wrong wether you choose to print in a wild purple color or a more classic earth tone. Print a few today!

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